Activities & Challenges

Here is a list of some of the activities & challenges are that currently available on our Amazing Races.

However, we are always working on new activities so if you have an idea or want a specific challenge themed for your business or day let us know & we can certainly design something suitable.

Food Relay

This is a great way to start your Amazing Race. The teams are given 4 snack items that one by one they need to consume (hence the relay) before receiving their next clue.

Logic Puzzles

At Tailored Team Building we love coming up with fun, unique logic puzzles. We have a wide range of different puzzles for the teams to solve, including lockboxes that you might need to work out the combination to get your next clue.

Cheer Routine

Your team is given either Pom Poms or Ribbons & are tasked with choreographing & performing a 30 second cheer routine. This makes for great blackmail videos for afterwards.

Marshmallow Towers

The team is given a handful of spaghetti & 2-3 marshmallows. They are to build the tallest freestanding tower, the taller the tower the more points & the more bragging rights.

Running Mats

Your team will need to navigate a short course inside our canvas mat. This is a great team building activity & really works on your communication.

Shark Tank

The team is given a random product, and then like the popular TV Show “Shark Tank” they need to work together to sell the product to the shark!

Ring Toss

As a team, you will need to land a certain number of rings on the witches hats before moving on with your next task or clue.

Photo list

We will give your team a list of random photos they will need to get as a team, they range from taking a photo of your team from above or below to dancing on a table.


Another great communication activity – the team will need to work together to transport a ping pong ball around a short course using only the pipelines.


How well do you know your spices? We give you a bag with different spices for you to sniff & taste – as a team you must correctly guess all of the spices before being given your next clue.

Scavenger Hunts

Your team is given a word & between each checkpoint they need to find & collect random items (the more random the better) that start with each letter of that word. Bonus points for the most creative items!

Wine Tasting

Can you tell a Cab Sav from a Merlot? If you are a wine expert this is the challenge for you. We have a number of wines & as a team you will need to successfully guess each blend before moving on.

*Subject to availability of a suitable venue. Not available on all courses.


Your team must design, create & build a sandcastle using the equipment provided. This is a great one if you are wanting to stick to a certain theme in your race.

*Not available on all courses.


Using the balloons provided, the teams will need to create a mascot, animal, hat etc to use throughout the race.

Pen Challenge

This is funny challenge to watch! Each team member needs to a pen in a bottle…without using their hands of course.

Swat Golf

Each team member will need to navigate a short course, swatting their golf ball the entire time. This is a relay format so each team member will complete the course before being given the next clue.

Semaphore Flags

This is a great challenge for the teams to work out where they need to go next, one team member has the answer & has to spell out the destination using the Semaphore Flags.

Sumo Relay

Dressing up in our popular Sumo Suits, the team will need to navigate a few obstacles dressed in the suits. This is a relay style event, so each team member has a go.

Tic Tac Toe

This is a ultimate team challenge, where teams will need to wait for another team to arrive at the checkpoint in order to challenge them to a classic tic tac toe game (with a twist of course).


Can your team manoeuvre a ball between the team members, using only chopsticks? The teams will need to navigate around a brief course with the balls & chopsticks.

Peg Boards

The teams will need to solve a logic puzzle in order to work out a four digit code, which they will need to open a briefcase containing their next clue.

Buddy Walkers

As a team, they will need to communicate with each other to navigate their way around a course on our buddy walkers. This activity will test their communication & patience.

Graffiti Challenge

Taking inspiration from some local graffiti, the teams will need to locate an artwork using their team colours & then replicate it. We can also adapt this to the team simply creating a team sign.

*Not available on all courses

Block Stack

Using the blocks & equipment provided, the team will need to work together to stack the blocks up. Don’t worry, it’s not as simple as it sounds. We will throw some extra challenges at them as well.


One person from the team will be blindfolded & the rest of the team needs to instruct them around a minefield to search for their next clue. This is a great game to work on communication skills.

Bucket Catch

One person in the team has a bucket strapped to them, the rest of the team will need to throws balls to them to catch in the bucket. Once a certain number of balls have been caught the team will be given their next clue.

Dingle Bells

The team will watch a video of a sequence of bells, they then need to work together to replicate the sequence correctly. Once they have repeated the song correctly they will receive their next clue.


How good is your teams aim? Using the team slingshot (minimum 3 people required) provided the teams will need to land a certain number of balls onto the target before moving on.

Reality Bites

We will provide your team with a reality TV show which they will need to perform a scene from before being given their next clue. This also works well as a roadblock challenge for a team.

Water pipe challenge

The team will need to fill a PVC pipe with water in order to bring the tennis ball to the top before being given their next envelope to move on. They will only be allowed to use the provided equipment to fill the pipe.

*Works best on a beach

Balance boards

3-4 people in the team will need to balance 2 ping pong balls on a board using only one finger each. They will need to walk around a set course before receiving their next clue.

Symbol Challenge

We hide some symbols in a location & one / two of the team members will have find them & then using walkie-talkies explain the symbols to the rest of their team mates & they will need to re-draw the symbols. This is a great activity to work on those communication skills.

Painting Challenge

We provide the teams with a small canvas & paints, they need to then design & paint a team painting. We can theme this challenge to anything you have in mind or simply get them to create a team portrait.