Research Route

As a group, proceed to the main gates of Adelaide Oval.

You may have to do some searching, but you will find a number of statues & plaques around the main entrance.

Once you have found them, solve the puzzle below. By solving the puzzles, it will reveal a 14 digit number.

Once you have the 14 digit number take the first number, the fifth number, the ninth number and the twelfth number.

Rearrange them as follows:

The even number is first
The highest number is third
The other two numbers add up to the first number
The forth number is not the lowest number

If you have entered the correct number, a submit button will appear. Hit submit and you will be told where to go for your next checkpoint.

  • Barrie Robran

    In what year did Barrie play for country in AFL?

  • Clement Hill

    What was Clements highest score “not out”?

  • Malcolm Blight

    How many goals did Malcolm kick while playing for North Melbourne?

  • Victor York Richardson

    What year did Victor play Baseball?